How it works

A teams total score is calculated by the sum of the values below. The s-curve is constructed by the total scores, in descending order.

^Adjusted RPI %: (Current RPI/#1 RPI)
^Adjusted KenPom Pyth: (Current KenPom Pyth/#1 KenPom Pyth)
^Adjusted SOS: ((Current SOS/#1 SOS) + (Current KenPom Pyth SOS/#1 KenPom Pyth SOS))/2)

^Schools who are first in RPI and KenPom Pyth will max out those values, 2000 and 7500 respectively. The three values above are split in a 20%/75%/5% manner and are applied to a base of 10,000 points.

2000*Adjusted RPI % + 7500*Adjusted KenPom Pyth + 500*Adjusted SOS


Out of conference SOS : 1000 * ((349-(Current OOC SOS Rank-0.5)*2)/349)
^Conference RPI: 50 * (107-Current Conference RPI Rank*7)

^All schools in a conference will have the same value. The conference with the strongest RPI will have a value of 5000 and then it decrements by 350 down the rank.


RPI 1-25:
1500 per
RPI 26-50: 1000 per
RPI 51-100: 600 per
RPI 101-200: 250 per
RPI 201-300: 100 per
RPI 301-349: 50 per
Conference: 400 per
Non Conference:
100 per
120 per
280 per
200 per

RPI 1-25:
-150 per
RPI 26-50: -400 per
RPI 51-100: -650 per
RPI 101-200: -1000 per
RPI 201-300: -1250 per
RPI 301-349: -1500 per
Non D1: -2500 per
Conference: -200 per
Non Conference:
-300 per
-280 per
-120 per
-200 per


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