February 1st Projection

Through Jan 31st games:

1. Xavier (St. Louis)
2. Virginia (Raleigh)
3. Dayton (St. Louis)
4. West Virginia (Providence)

1. Oklahoma (Oklahoma City)
2. Texas A&M (Oklahoma City)
3. Iowa (Des Moines)
4. Utah (Denver)

1. North Carolina (Raleigh)
2. Villanova (Brooklyn)
3. Iowa State (Denver)
4. Michigan State (Providence)

1. Oregon (Spokane)
2. Kansas (Des Moines)
3. Maryland (Brooklyn)
4. Miami FL (Spokane)

5: USC, Baylor, Purdue, South Carolina
6: Louisville, Colorado, Providence, Arizona
7: Pittsburgh, St. Joseph’s, Duke, Kentucky
8: Texas, Michigan, Notre Dame, Indiana
9: VCU, Wichita State, Florida, St. Mary’s
10: Florida State, Syracuse, Washington, Seton Hall
11: California, Connecticut, Arkansas Little Rock, Valparaiso
12: Cincinnati (Play-In), Kansas State (Play-In), Gonzaga (Play-In), UCLA (Play-In), Monmouth, San Diego State
13: Hofstra, Akron, Chattanooga, South Dakota State
14: UC-Irvine, Stony Brook, Yale, UAB
15: Belmont, North Florida, Texas A&M Corpus Christi, Weber State
16: Winthrop, Navy, Cal St. Bakersfield (Play-In), Wagner (Play-In), Southern (Play-In), Hampton (Play-In)

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